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Do not overprune, since too much pruning can encourage an excess of leafy growth and fewer fruits. Tie in branches with twine or garden string to guide growth for training. PEARS the remaining fruits, producing the largest possible. Thin them to leave about 4–6 in (10–15 cm) between fruits (see image, left). Pear trees are more susceptible to frost damage than apple trees because they produce their blossom earlier in the season— so, if possible, protect trees with horticultural fleece. HARVESTING It is crucial to time the harvesting of your pears carefully; if you harvest early or midseason pears too early and leave them indoors for too long, or harvest them too late, they may become grainy and unpalatable, or rot prematurely.

Although less widely grown than apples, they can be just as easy, are vulnerable to fewer pests and diseases, and are arguably much tastier—just give them a sheltered site and provide them with some frost protection in winter. SPRING SUMMER FALL WINTER PLANT HARVEST PLANTING Choose your trees carefully: if you have only a small space, pears can be grown on a semidwarfing rootstock. These types will need around 10 ft (3 m) of space between trees, whereas more vigorous types need about 15 ft (5 m).

56 TREE FRUITS ‘Victoria’ Probably the best-known and most widely grown dual-purpose English plum, this tree reliably bears heavy yields. The pale purple-red, medium-sized fruits have a yellow-green, juicy flesh that is sweet, but has a much better flavor when cooked. 0 5 1 q 6 2 unsuitable for containers early spring or fall some resistance fairly hardy self-fertile (mid) late summer ‘Seneca’ This hardy, upright, and vigorous tree reliably bears good crops of very large, purplered fruits late in the season.

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