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  • April 20, 2017
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By Janice Spaulding

Getting your goat hasn't ever been more uncomplicated. This publication is a component handbook half cookbook, ideal for homesteaders or households trying to personal goats for enjoyable or functionality. it is also an ideal how-to consultant for beginning a small goat-based company. choked with insider info on every thing from breeding to milking, courtesy of the operators of the one goat tuition within the kingdom, this publication additionally beneficial properties greater than a hundred recipes utilizing goat milk, meat, and cheese.

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Firstly, do you really want to castrate him? Castrating a male goat that will eventually go to “freezer camp” is NOT a good idea! Castrating stops the production of testosterone, which is responsible for muscle growth. Muscle is meat! By castrating, the growth that the animal will have predominantly fat. For a freezer-destined animal, you want more meat (muscle) and less fat! Secondly, the young male’s urinary tract has got to be developed enough so that the castration won’t harm him. If castration is done too early, there is always the possibility of the little guy being prone to urinary calculi due to an underdeveloped urethra, usually resulting in a very painful death.

Now keep this in mind when you think about adding some poor little unrelated doeling to your herd! She has no one to keep her safe, no one to cuddle and sleep with, no one to play with, she is missing her mom, and if she was a twin she is really lonesome! If you are going to add a small kid to your already established herd, please, do it in pairs. Give the little ones a place to hide from the big girls and a place to eat. A grown doe will remove everyone from the feed dish except her own kid; she could care less if there is another kid there with no mom to protect her.

Look at Walmart, for example. I remember when everyone was saying Walmart was going to put everyone else out of business. Did they? Not really. Now that they have been around for a while, some people won’t even go there! I, for one, would rather go just about anywhere else than big box stores! Do they still make money? Yes. Do they serve a purpose? Yes. Does everyone go there? NO! Are other stores cropping up? YES! Look at Target or Kohl’s, they are mega successful! If a goat farmer should move in down the road from you, will he be competition?

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