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By Dr. N.W. Walker D.Sc., Dr. Norman W. Walker

Dr. Walker explains how the shortcoming or deficiency of convinced components, akin to important natural minerals and salts, and for this reason of supplements, from our normal vitamin is the first reason for approximately each disease and sickness. Following his concepts to eat clean vegetable and fruit juices, we will provide bodies with the enzymes wanted for optimum overall healthiness.

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The liver and spleen are the storage places of iron, where it is stored for any sudden demand that may be made upon the 44 body, for example, the rapid formation of red blood corpuscles in the case of a heavy loss of blood. The iron is stored in the liver for the particular purpose, among others, of furnishing mineral elements to any part of the body in an emergency, as in the case of a hemorrhage; also in the event that the food eaten does not contain the necessary quantity of this element in vital organic form.

When the green fruit is triturated (pulverized) and pressed it is found to contain a principle known as papain, which has much the same digestive effect as pepsin in our digestive processes. It also contains fibrin, a principle rarely found except in the body of man and animals. This fruit is readily digestible in gastric and pancreatic juices and is especially valuable in the coagulation or clotting of blood, either superficial or internal. The green, unripe papaya has much more active papain enzymes than the ripe (this activity being somewhat dissipated in the ripening processes).

The juice of the green papaya has helped correct intestinal disorders, including ulcerous and more serious conditions in an incredibly short time. We have frequently seen the crushed pulp, including the skin, of the green papaya applied as a poultice to serious lacerations and the following day hardly more than the scar was apparent. We had a finger seriously crushed in a machine, and the application of a similar poultice left the finger usable within two or three days. As a juice, both the green and the ripe papaya are unsurpassed as a remedy to help most afflictions of the body.

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