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By Alexander Werth

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Fernand-Laurent, a leading member of the Right, taking FRANCE AND MUNICH 50 a party line, interrupted M. Ybarn^garay and proceeded to recall the unworthy treatment Austria had on so many occasions received from the French Left (who, it is only right to explain, could not quite forget the massacre of the Socialists in February 1934). He recalled how on February 22, 1935 Schuschnigg arrived at the small Gare de Reuilly in Paris, for the Government was afraid of a hostile demonstration at a bigger station; and the Humanite wrote the next day: It's a wonder they didn't smuggle him in through a goods station/ Fernand-Laurent is not a man with a heart/ M.

The phrases he utters constitute, throughout the world, the material for a peculiar kind of propaganda. I can hear his words in every language Tor some days is on the 1 wireless, and see See The Destiny of France. them in every foreign paper I can read. Extracts from a Stresa Diary, pp. 134^-40. THE TROUBLE STARTS 49 And I am profoundly convinced that if the world is left with the impression that the statements of M. ' (Cheers on extreme Left. Flandin's policy of retrenchment, France would disappear not temporarily, but for ever from the world chessboard.

Pezet then came to the Austrian problem and Berchtesgaden ultimatum of a fortnight before. to -the FRANCE AND MUNICH 46 *And what now? We We are groping in the dark. don't are going. For we know nothing of England's must give an answer worthy of France. Are intentions. we entering to-day into a new era of French foreign policy? And what is this new era to be? "But suppose the Government is unable to give a clear answer, suppose it feels obliged to cover up the truth behind a screen of pious words, and suppose that in reality we are going to be know where we We compelled to change completely our foreign policy then, I think, it is only right that I should say to you: this change will in reality have come about as a result of Lord Halifax's visit to Berlin, of M.

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