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By Tanya Wright

Medically actual, functional, assistance on residing with a critical meals hypersensitive reaction. This publication makes use of Tanya Wright's event and services to teach you the way, armed with the suitable wisdom, you can still stick with it having fun with lifestyles and nutrients, regardless of your hypersensitivity!

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Although histamine preparations may be used in the early stages of an allergic reaction, the mainstay of treatment is an injection of adrenaline (also called epinephrine). It is a very safe drug, which must be given as early in a reaction as possible. If prescribed, an asthma-relieving inhaler can be given as well. It is also helpful if oxygen is given once medical help is available. 26 FOOD ALLERGIES Antihistamines Antihistamine medication is often used as the first line of treatment for the relief of a mild to moderate allergic reaction.

As with skin-prick tests, it is possible to get false negative and false positive results with RAST tests. For this reason and because the range of allergens available for testing is not fully comprehensive, the results of these tests should not be viewed alone, without knowledge of the person’s medical history and food and symptom diaries (see below). Food challenge test The two types of ‘food challenge’ used most commonly are: • Open food challenge You are given increasing quantities of the food to which it is thought you are allergic and your symptoms are noted.

The Anapen and Anapen Junior can be obtained only with a prescription. To use the Anapen: 1. remove the black needle cap, 2. remove black safety cap from firing button, 3. hold Anapen against outer thigh and press red firing button – through clothing if necessary, 4. hold in position for 10 seconds, allowing the full dose of adrenaline to be injected. ANAPHYLAXIS 29 Care of your prescribed adrenaline • Adrenaline should not be stored above 25ºC. It should never be refrigerated or frozen. For suggestions on how to keep your adrenaline at the correct temperature in hot weather, see Chapter 16 (‘Holidays and travelling’).

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