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By James F. Scott

Ferroelectric stories have replaced in 10 brief years from educational curiosities of the college learn labs to advertisement units in large-scale creation. this is often the 1st textual content on ferroelectric stories that's not simply an edited number of papers through diversified authors. meant for utilized physicists, electric engineers, fabrics scientists and ceramists, it comprises ferroelectric basics, particularly for skinny motion pictures, circuit diagrams and processsing chapters, yet emphazises gadget physics. Breakdown mechanisms, switching kinetics and leakage present mechanisms have lengthly chapters dedicated to them. The booklet could be welcomed by means of learn scientists in and executive laboratories and in universities. It additionally includes seventy six difficulties for college students, making it rather priceless as a textbook for fourth-year undergraduate or first-year graduate students.

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Panasonic and NEC have kindly provided figures and data for the present chapter, much of it unpublished, on their devices. Therefore these are emphasized below. Similarly, much of Chap. 17 is from SONY. , have comparable data, devices, and innovations, and this section is not intended as advertising for any specific corporation. 24 2. SOS 0 >? tlng --0 OFRAII DRAll ..... ='" .... 10" 10 2 0 FIopp, OSRAII DRAll 10· 10' 10' 1010 -IIovIng 10'· ""'"6 ? r--. 0 102 10· 10' 10· 1010 (c) ROM Operation RAM Operation (Volatile) I I FeRAM 'i?

Address buffers, row decoders, and wordline boost circuits are on the left. 1/0 buffers, dock generators and column address buffers are on the extreme right. Note that all these devices are vertically integrated with the FE-film directly above the Si RAM; this contrasts with earlier devices, such as the FE-JFET device (Junction Field Effect Transistor) made on GaAs (Fig. 35), which the FE capacitor sits adjacent to the GaAs JFET; such a design was a good R&D prototype but cannot be scaled to high densities.

1lJluRef. 0 lE+O lE+l lE+2 lE+3 lE+4 lE+5 No. of WIR Cycles lE+6 Fig. 39. (a) Sequence of four voltage pulses in a standard switching test protocol. (b) Signal voltage (from bit-line voltage) from a sequence of longer pulses used to READ and quantitatively measure Pr during an interruption of the test in (a) [58]. (c) Complete operational test voltage sequence (NEC) and (cl) test results for PZT memory It is important to include the fatigue data for the first 105 or 106 cycles, because there is often a 20% drop in this initial phase of testing.

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