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By Jayne Raisborough (auth.)

Our televisions bulge with weight reduction indicates, because the information warn of the weight problems epidemic. fats is the sort of villain that greater everyone is stigmatized and all of us are seduced via life-changing claims of a multi-billion pound nutrition undefined. but, once we query if our toilet scales can fairly let us know approximately our wellbeing and fitness, we commence to invite simply why and the way fats holds such fascination.
In this e-book, Jayne Raisborough explores interpretations of fats our bodies from Palaeolithic Europe to Poverty Porn television to argue that fat’s materiality makes it ripe for stigmatising institutions. even though, specially in a social context that provides future health as a question of selection, fats additionally emerges as an amazing redemptive substance to be pummelled and starved into submission. This e-book provides a ‘fat sensibility’ to illustrate how fats helps us all develop into responsibilised healthy-citizens. It asks simply what self are we being requested to vitamin ourselves into?

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It is important to offer some historical depth, because what emerges through the various tales we can regale of fat is our enduring ambivalent regard for it. As this book unfolds, I will argue that our ambivalence plays out in our contemporary panic over obesity and the shape media representations take in what I have termed the fat sensibility. This chapter makes two suggestions. The first is that the material properties and symbolic dimensions of fat position it as a repository for wider contemporary © The Editor(s) (if applicable) and The Author(s) 2016 J.

Mass production meant more scales started appearing in more homes from about 1913 (Stern 1997). But it was changes in clothing fashion (clothes that hugged body contours—the ‘flapper’ fashions) and celebrity endorsement that helped ensure their use. For example, Annette Kellerman (1886–1975), the Australian long-distance swimmer turned Hollywood silent screen star, is regarded as the first celebrity slimming entrepreneur. In 1905, she invented the first bathing costume for women designed for the purpose of swimming not for the protection of Victorian modesty.

Yet, the Venus figurines are not solely large; they include more slender forms. Analysis suggests that the presence of ‘skinny legs’ on the larger figures may represent bodily fantasies in a time characterized by the harshest of climates and famine, rather than marking an acceptance of fat bodies (Jozsa 2011). A further plundering of history may throw up the largebellied Egyptian god Hapy, whose fat is argued to symbolize and promise fertile land (Hill 2011), but then we are confronted with a single larger 1 Thanks to James Prendergast for an introduction to these sites.

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