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By Judith M. Hushon (Eds.)

content material: assessment of environmental professional structures / Judith M. Hushon --
luck elements for professional platforms / Dan Yurman --
Verification and validation of environmental professional structures / Mark Stunder --
Neural networks and environmental functions / Joseph Schmuller --
professional structures to aid environmental sampling, research, and knowledge validation / Ramon A. Olivero and David W. Bottrell --
An clever caliber insurance planner for environmental facts : practical specifications / Nitin Pandit, John Mateo, and William Coakley --
a professional process for prediction of aquatic toxicity of contaminants / James P. Hickey ... [et al.] --
A citizen's helper for chemical info / W. James Hadden, Jr. --
a professional process to diagnose functionality restricting components at publicly owned therapy works / Linda Berkman, Mark Lennon, and Keith legislation --
The activated sludge consultant prototype / Joseph Schmuller and Michael R. Morlino --
Multidomain specialist structures for harmful waste web site investigations / H.Y. Fang, G.M. Mikroudis, and S. Pamukcu --
the price of remedial motion version : professional method functions / Marie T. Chenu and Jacqueline A. Crenca --
automatic method for acting threat tests for chemical components of damaging waste / John L. Schaum ... [et al.] --
Remedial motion precedence and multimedia environmental pollutant review structures / J.G. Droppo, Jr. and B.L. Hoopes --
The safety precedence version for division of safety remedial website rating / Judith M. Hushon --
the way forward for specialist structures within the Environmental defense corporation / Daniel Greathouse and James Decker.

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Make sure t o adequately t e s t c r i t i c a l components and any examples o r r u l e s g e n e r a t e d by i n d u c t i v e systems. Thoroughly r e t e s t e n t i r e knowledge base when changes a r e made. The p r o c e s s o f t e s t i n g e x p e r t system s h e l l s i s e a s i e r t h a n t e s t i n g systems w r i t t e n i n LISP o r PROLOG because the i n f e r e n c e e n g i n e s have a l r e a d y been t h o r o u g h l y t e s t e d i n a s h e l l . O b j e c t i v e s o f the I m p l e m e n t a t i o n Stage.

A n o t h e r o b j e c t i v e i s t o c o d i f y t h e knowledge base and m a i n t a i n i t s accuracy through t e s t i n g . ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1990. ch002 Success F a c t o r s o f the Development ENVIRONMENTAL APPLICATIONS Stage. There are s e v e r a l areas t h a t are c r u c i a l t o the success o f the Development Stage. These f a c t o r s are grouped below a c c o r d i n g t o the a r e a they address. Knowledge e n g i n e e r i n g b e g i n s i n the Concept Phase.

Steps t a k e n and methods used t o v e r i f y t h e e x p e r t system need t o be mapped from the components up t h r o u g h i n t e r f a c e s and s o f t w a r e module i n t e r a c t i o n s . The o p e r a t i o n a l p o i n t s o f t h e e x p e r t system t h a t need t o be v a l i d a t e d - such as scope and e f f e c t i v e n e s s - a r e i d e n t i f i e d at t h i s p o i n t . V a l i d a t i o n t e c h n i q u e s a r e t h e methods used t o determine t h a t t h e e x p e r t system conforms t o t h e f u n c t i o n a l r e q u i r e m e n t s and c a n be used as i n t e n d e d .

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