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Net/. 7. Liu, C. , and Layland, J. W. Scheduling algorithms for multi-programming in a hard real-time environment. Journal of the ACM, 20(1), 46–61, 1973. 8. , and Goossens, J. Real-time scheduling: Algorithms and complexity. pdf. 9. Seo, E. Energy efficient scheduling of real-time tasks on multicore processors. IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Computing, 19(11), 1540–1552, 2008. 10. Di Natale, M. An introduction to real-time operating systems and schedulability analysis. pdf. 11. Zalewski, J.

Thus, one way could be the ith producer setting the bit Di and the consumer getting access to the resource when the Boolean condition Π mi Di = 1 is satisfied for an m producer system. At a first glance an event flag may look like a logical combination of multiple flag semaphores. However, the difference becomes clear when one 23 Introduction to Real-Time Systems ……………….. Each producer checks if a specified bit is in default state before writing the data in a specified location in the shared buffer.

17. 17, it is assumed that the priority sequence of the tasks is T1 > T2 > T3. ) Burst mode semaphore. blocked while trying to access the same shared resource. Now, even though T1 is otherwise ready, it will be displaced by a lower priority task T2 (if it is ready) and a priority inversion is said to have occurred. Priority inversion can lead to dangerous situations in mission critical applications. The most famous recorded instance of priority inversion is associated with the NASA Mars Pathfinder mission [10].

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