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By G. Jack Lipovski

The "M?·CORE" family members of microprocessors is the newest 32-bit built-in circuit from Motorola designed to be a multi-purpose "micro-controller." The processor structure has been designed for top functionality and cost-sensitive embedded regulate functions with specific emphasis on decreased strength intake. this can be the 1st e-book at the programming of the recent language guideline set utilizing the M?·CORE chip. Embedded Microcontroller Interfacing for M?·CORE structures is the 3rd of a trio of books through G. Jack Lipovski from the college of Texas. the 1st books are on meeting language programming for the recent Motorola 6812 16-bit microcontroller, and have been written to be textbooks references. This publication was once written on the request of the Motorola layout crew for the pro clients of its new and extremely profitable M?·CORE chip microcontrollers. Written with the entire cooperation and enter of the M?·CORE layout engineers at their headquarters in Austin, Texas, this ebook covers all points of the programming software program and of the M?·CORE chip. * First introductory point publication at the Motorola MoCORE * Teaches engineers how a working laptop or computer executes directions * exhibits how a high-level programming language converts to assembler language * Teaches the reader how a microcontroller is interfaced to the skin global * countless numbers of examples are used through the textual content * Over 2 hundred homework difficulties supply the reader in-depth perform * A CD-ROM with HIWARE's C++ compiler is integrated with the booklet * an entire precis bankruptcy on different on hand microcontrollers

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W addu andn cmphs r2, (rl,0) rO, (rl,4) rO , rl rO , rl rO, rl 7. Write the op code for the following instructions, assuming rO is 5, r l is 0x80, r 2 is 0x1000, r 3 is 0x8000, and C is 1. Give the register values that are changed when these instructions are executed. a. b. c. d. e. mult cmplt movi incf xtrb2 rO,rl rO,rl r2,5 0 rl rl,r3 8. Suppose a memory is filled except for the program that follows, Hke this: the word at address OxUVSTWXYZ is OxYZ (for example, location 0x12142538 has value 0x38).

What is the value of r l after the following program ends LOOP: EXIT: movi movi clc addi loopt br r2,100 rl,10 r2,1 rl^LOGP EXIT 13. Convert the following C language construct into the shortest MCORE assembly language instructions, assuming A is a local variable in r 5 . As long as the expression in the while statement is true, the statements inside curly brackets are repeated. A = 10; while (A > 3) { statements; A=A -1; } 14. Repeat problem 13 with the following high-level programming language construct: A = 10; do { statements; A =A - 1; } while ( A > 3) 15.

In an improper implementation of this operation, one program might test the memory variable, then another program might test and set it, and finally the original program might finally set it. This operation is improper because both programs testing the variable would see it clear, and conclude that they both had access to the resource. A test-and-set operation can be made indivisible by disabling interrupts before the test, and enabHng them after the set to make the testand-set operation indivisible.

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