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By Abdul Azim Islahi

This can be a research of the commercial techniques of an Islamic student at the function of the country within the economic system, public finance, funds, curiosity, costs, partnership, revenue sharing and different monetary matters, mentioned and analyzed of their historic context.

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According to Nuwairi, it was levied in either of two ways - as a fixed tax to be paid annually, often in instalments, or as a variable tax collected every year after the Nile flood had receded. The former was treated as hiliili tax, while the latter was considered as khariijf revenue. It was levied according to the number of grazing animals. This variable tax was subject to increase or decrease according to the size of the livestock. m Contrary to the Egyptian system where the Nile and its canals were the source of irrigation, in Syria everything depended on rain.

A strong opponent of Ibn Taimiyah in his lifetime, Chief Justice Subki (d. e. Ibn Taimiyah), and appreciate his expertise in educa­ tion, Sharf'ah, and rational sciences. I also recognize the high place he achieved in original thinking and intellectual ability, which words cannot describe. Such a unique person­ ality had not been present for centuries. '11 2. Character Ibn Taimiyah was very generous and kind-hearted, espe­ cially towards the poor and the needy. Amirs, army officers, traders and all classes of people loved him, as he worked for their interests in every possible way.

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