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By Shadmi, Shirman.

The authors evaluation those standards, emphasizing lately stumbled on exceptions. additionally they describe, via many examples, a variety of thoughts fordirectly constructing DSB through learning the infrared idea, together with either older concepts in areas of vulnerable coupling and new strategies in areas of sturdy coupling. eventually, they current an inventory ofrepresentative DSB versions, their major houses, and the kinfolk between them.

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The model possesses a global U(1) symmetry that can be gauged without restoring SUSY; the relevant details of the vacuum structure in this case can be found in Dine, Nelson, and Shirman (1995). See Secs. 2. • Discarded generator models. These include SU(n 1 )ϫSU(n 2 )ϫU(1) and SU(2N)ϫ(1) subgroup of SU(2Nϩ1) (with n 1 ϩn 2 ϭ2Nϩ1) with matter given by the decomposition of the antisymmetric tensor and 2NϪ3 antifundamentals of SU(2Nϩ1) under the appropriate gauge group. This construction was proposed in Dine et al.

1997, ‘‘Gauge Mediated Supersymmetry Breaking without Fundamental Singlets,’’ Phys. Lett. B 405, 99–107. , 1997, ‘‘Nonperturbative Dynamics in Supersymmetric Theories,’’ Prog. Part. Nucl. Phys. 39, 1–116. , and A. Vainshtein, 1986, ‘‘Solution of the Anomaly Puzzle in SUSY Gauge Theories and the Wilson Operator Expansion,’’ Nucl. Phys. B 277, 456–486. , and A. Vainshtein, 1988, ‘‘On Gluino Condensation in Supersymmetric Gauge Theories. SU(N) and O(N) Groups,’’ Nucl. Phys. B 296, 445–461. , and A.

Another example of the models in this class is the SP(2)ϫU(1) model of Csaki, Randall, and Skiba (1997a). , 1996) with Qϳ ͑ , ͒ , Lϳ ͑ 1, ͒ , Q i ϳ ͑ ,1͒ , iϭ1,2, (110) and with a superpotential similar to that of the 3Ϫ2 model. These models are obvious generalizations of the 3Ϫ2 model. The dynamics in this class of models are 31 See also Chou (1997). 56 Y. Shadmi and Y. Shirman: Dynamical supersymmetry breaking very similar to those of the 3Ϫ2 model. For detailed analysis see Intriligator and Thomas (1996b).

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