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By Homer C. House, Susan Emolyn Harman

1950: by means of Homer C. condo- The trend of a language is noticeable in its grammar. moment version, twelfth printing (1962).

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The sheep's wool may mean the wool from one sheep or from a flock of sheep. It is important to observe here that the fewer inflections a noun has, the fewer meanings it is capable of conveying. 26 In compound nouns the sign of the possessive is usually added to the last word of the compound; as, son-in-law's, sons-in-law's. And when two or more nouns or phrases represent a unit of possession, the possessive sign is attached to the last of the group; as, Woodward and Lathrop's store; Blount and Northup's Grammar and Usage; Brown and Son's Hardware, or Brown and Sons' Hardware; the King of France's war; the Prince of Wale's visit to America; Frederick the Great's time; Charles Ill's reign.

Say With my hand in yours (not thine), dear Lord, I will go where you want me to go. The correct inflectional forms of thou are given in the declension chart fl,bove. PRONOUNS 49 meaning, still requires the plural form of the verb. One must now take pains to say: Mary, you were (not was) invited io bring your sister. Here the context indicates that you is singular, but sometimes it is difficult to determine whether a singular or plural meaning is intended. 4 Often the adjective all is added to indicate the plural meaning: You all are to leave when the bell rings.

3. Direct address :8 (1) Mary, may I borrow your book? (2) I thank you, gentlemen, for this cordial reception. (3) Mr. chairman, I rise to a point of order. 4. Explanatory modifier (an appositive of a noun or pronoun in the nominative case): (1) This is Mount Vernon, the home of George and Martha Washington. (2) We, the people of the United States, believe in democracy. (3) There were only three applicants for the position; namely, Mary, Henry, and Joe. 5. Nominative by pleonasm: (1) Father, mother, brother, sister-all smith, a mighty man is he.

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