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By Vladimir S. Saakov, Alexander I. Krivchenko, Eugene V. Rozengart, Irina G. Danilova

This ebook offers numerous examples of the way complex fluorescence and spectroscopic analytical equipment can be utilized together with laptop facts processing to handle diversified biochemical questions. the focus is on evolutionary biochemistry and the outline of biochemical and metabolic concerns; particularly, using pulse amplitude modulated fluorescence (PAM) for the sensible research of the mobile country, in addition to effects acquired through the spinoff spectroscopy procedure characterizing structural reorganization of a mobile lower than the impact of exterior components, are mentioned. the themes offered the following can be of curiosity to biologists, geneticists, biophysicists and biochemists, in addition to specialists in analytical chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry and radio chemistry and radio activation reviews with protonen and alpha-particles. It additionally bargains a invaluable source for complex undergraduate and graduate scholars in organic, actual and chemical disciplines whose paintings contains spinoff spectrophotometry and PAM-fluorescence.

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4 consider the characteristics of derivative spectra of aromatic amino acids and proteins and also the features of spectral change under the influence of EFEs such as γ-radiation and temperature. In Chap. 5, the authors discuss both methodological questions of cell pigment spectroscopy and a number of debatable and evolutionary questions of pigment metabolism in representatives of various systematic groups of Eucaryota and Procaryota domains. In a separate section, the data of the last 20 years on features of carotenoid biosynthesis are presented.

Biologists know well the world information base, the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) (www. gov), containing over 22 million significant and interesting scientific references. I. Sapozhnikov) are contained in this database and also two articles published 39 years later in 2004, where she was not the first, leading author (according to Russian rules of author placement) but only third or fourth. I. Sapozhnikov is a well-known figure in his area of science. He possessed good knowledge of the world literature and used it extremely skillfully.

1990), Schubert et al. (1994), etc. Maslova and Markovskaia (2012) ignored many foreign authors, but they also forgot Russian authors of the recent past (Borisov 1974; Ozolina and Mochalkin 1 Introduction. Development of the Methodological Base, Disputes, and Conclusions 17 1975; Paramonova 1984; Karnaukhov 1988, 1990, 2000). So the position of most of these, and other researchers not mentioned here. N. L. Kretovich, 1971) and foreign authors concerning the cellular role of carotenoids and their ability to be catalysts or inhibitors of oxidation depending on influencing conditions.

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