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By Sylvia Mercado Kierkegaard (ed.)

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Applications or servers can be clustered in multiple machines. Scalability. This can be achieved by deploying these reusable distributed components on powerful servers. Extensibility. This can be achieved through dynamic (re)configuration of applications that are distributed across the network. Higher productivity and lower development cycle time. By breaking up large problems into smaller ones, these individual components can be developed by smaller development teams in isolation. Reuse. The distributed components may perform various services that can potentially be used by multiple client applications.

Web services are exposed to the public using http-based protocols. As Web services is publicly available, it must be implemented using authentication and authorization mechanisms and using SSLenabling encryption of the messages for securing the usage. Adopting open security standards like SAML, XML Encryption, XML Signature, or XACML may be a solution. TE 34 Other challenges include the manageability and testing of the Web services deployment, which is subjected to different operating system environments and platforms and managing service descriptions in public/private registries.

It has already been widely accepted as the universal language lingua franca for exchanging information between applications, systems, and devices across the Internet. In the core of the Web services model, XML plays a vital role as the common wire format in all forms of communication. XML also is the basis for other Web services standards. By learning XML, you will be well prepared to understand and explore Web services. org/XML/. Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) Simple Object Access Protocol, or SOAP, is a standard for a lightweight XML-based messaging protocol.

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