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By Naomi Segal

The physique is an emissary. we all know little of our personal emotions or the emotions of others, yet that lack of expertise is mediated via our organ of contact, the outside. The time period 'consensuality' stands for the co-presence of perceptions at the dermis, that is the backcloth to sensation and notion. If the intelligence of the physique is the root of either feel and consent, consensuality additionally has to do with human relatives in line with the feel of contact, relatively the mother-child couple and the relation of hope, love and loss. This publication touches on more than a few cultural figures together with Gide, Princess Diana, Kafka, Gautier and Rilke, and such motion pictures as Gattaca, The gifted Mr Ripley, Being John Malkovich, The Piano and The Truman express, including theories of the caress, phantom limbs and substitute youngsters. Connecting these types of is the paintings of psychoanalyst Didier Anzieu, who wrote on team psychology, psychodrama, psychic envelopes, creativity and suggestion; he additionally released a research of may well '68 written from the guts of Nanterre. He used to be analysed by way of Lacan, now not understanding on the time that the latter had taken care of Anzieu's mom. His Le Moi-peau (The Skin-ego) exhibits how the psychic pores and skin holds, protects and communicates yet may also constrict or tear. If love enwraps and loss flays, how will we mourn?

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From July 1895, Freud analysed a number of his own dreams, setting this work alongside the dreams of his patients (for Anzieu always assumes at least one Winnicottian, Beckettian virtual other oveUVHHLQJ WKH DFW RI ¶EHLQJ DORQH·) and what emerged was the formation of dreams as wish fulfilments, the discovery of castration anxiety, and ultimately The Interpretation of Dreams (1900) and the whole theory of psychoanalysis. Anzieu in his turn analyses )UHXG·V GUHDP DQDO\VHV LQVLsts on the relevance of the life to the work, and derives from all this a theory of creativity.

After my mother, this was my second experience of disappointed loYHµ $33 29). He turned back towards his more scientific interests, in the form of psychology, taking courses in animal psychology, gestalt theory and psychophysiology. In 1947 he married Annie Péghaire, whose path had paralleled his since they met, aged 16 and 17, at secondary school, passed the agrégation the following year, and decided not to look for a permanent post yet, instead teaching philosophy at two lycées and SXUVXLQJ ´D PRUH FRQFUHWH HGXFDWLRQµ  UXQQLQJ SURMHFWLYH WHVWV DQG psychodrama groups at the Centre Psycho-pédagogique Claude Bernard, a WUHDWPHQW FHQWUH IRU GLVWXUEHG FKLOGUHQ $W WKH VDPH WLPH ´, GLG D SUDFWLFDO SV\FKRORJ\ FRXUVH DW 3URI *UDFLDQVN\·V GHUPDWRORJ\ XQLW ZKHUH , JDYH 5RUVFKDFK WHVWV WR HF]HPD VXIIHUHUV >«@ WKDW JDYH PH a vague early LQWXLWLRQ RI WKH 6NLQ (JRµ In 1950, under the guidance of Daniel Lagache whose assistant he became in 1951,3 he wrote his two doctoral theses, the major one on )UHXG·V VHOI-DQDO\VLV UDWKHU WKDQ KLV ILUVW LGHD RQ 3DVFDO·V Pensées) and the minor one on psychodrama (APA, published in 1956, and AA-a in 1959).

DFK LQGLYLGXDO·V IXQGDPHQWDO IRUPDO VLJQLILHU GHULYHV IURP D WLPH ZKHQ they were not yet capable of repression, still tied in psychically to the closeness to the mother that Anzieu calls the ¶common skin·. Its structure is different from that of phantasy. It takes the form of a sentence that has a subject and a verb but no object-complement; often the verb (in French) is reflexive; and the subject is a part of the body or an isolated physical form, never a whoOH SHUVRQ ,W LV QRW D VFHQH RU DQ HQDFWPHQW EXW ´WKH geometrical or physical transformation of a body (in the general sense of a SRUWLRQ RI VSDFH ZKLFK HQWDLOV D GHIRUPDWLRQ RU GHVWUXFWLRQ RI IRUPµ   the space in which it appears is two-dimensional, and the patient senses it DV H[WHUQDO WR WKHPVHOYHV $Q]LHX JLYHV H[DPSOHV ´D YHUWLFDO D[LV LV 32 Consensuality UHYHUVHG D VXSSRUW FROODSVHV D KROH VXFNV LQ >«@ D VROLG ERG\ LV FURVVHG D JDVHRXV ERG\ H[SORGHV >«@ DQ RULILFH RSHQV DQG FORVHV >«@ D OLPLW interposes; diIIHUHQW SHUVSHFWLYHV DUH MX[WDSRVHG >«@ P\ GRXEOH OHDYHV RU FRQWUROV PH >«@ DQ REMHFW DEDQGRQV PHµ -16).

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