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By Ricardo Baeza-Yates, U. Manber

Introduction. old evaluate. Databases: workplace info platforms Engineering (J. Palazzo, D. Alcoba) Artificial Intelligence, good judgment, and useful Programming: A HyperIcon Interface to a Blackboard method for making plans learn initiatives (P. Charlton, C. Burdorf). Algorithms and information Structures: class of Quadratic Algorithms for Multiplying Polynomials of Small measure Over Finite Fields (A. Averbuch et al.). Object orientated Systems: A Graphical Interactive item orientated improvement procedure (M. Adar et al.). Distributed Systems: keeping dispensed facts Coherence utilizing Asynchronous proclaims (J. Piquer). Complexity and Parallel Algorithms: Parallel Algorithms for NPComplete difficulties (M. Robson). Computer structure and Networks: The Caracas Multiprocessor approach (M. Campo et al.). 30 extra articles. Index.

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ConI. on Deductive and Object-Oriented Databases, Kyoto, Japan, December 1989. [Bancilhon89] F. BANOLHON , S. CLUET, C. DELOBEL: "Query Languages for object-oriented database systems: the 02 proposal", In Proc. Int. ConI. on Database Programming Languages, Salishan Lodge, Oregon, June 1989. [Copeland85] G. COPELAND: "The Decomposition Storage Model", In Proc. ACM SIGMOD 01 Data, May 1985. Int. ConI. on Management [Graefe87] G. J. DEwm: "The EXODUS Optimizer Generator", In Proc. ACM SIGMOD Int. ConI.

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