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By Seth Siegelaub, Armand Mattelart

Vol. 1, Capitalism, Imperialism. participants comprise Karl marx, Antonio Gramsci, Lenin, Mao, Armand Mattelart, Pierre Boudieu, J. D. Bernal, Raymond Williams, Judy Strasser, Amilcar Cabral, Jurgen Habermas and so on.

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That was one of the greatest hindrances to recovery, and was not shaken until the revolutionary and Napoleonic wars made the chronic misery an acute one. So it is not, as people try here and there conveniently to imagine, that the economic situation produces an automatic effect. No. Men make their history themselves, only they do so in a given environment, which condition s it, and on the basis of actual relations already existing, among which the economic relations, however much they may be influenced by the other, the political and ideological relations, are still ultimatel y the decisive ones, forming the keynote which runs through them and alone leads to understanding.

To better understand the specific character of the television network as it developed in the French social forma· tion, it would be useful to compare its development to that in Great Britain and the German Federal Republic. One aspect of this evolution is that lmtii General DeGaulle took power in 1958, the French government, unlike London. ~d Bonn,relatively held back the extension of the teleVISIOn network. One of the reasons for this attitude, without doubt, is the·political and economic priorities marking the 19SOs.

Present conditions of monopoly capitalism demand that we consider all of these as a system, at the interior or which each media, to differing degrees, obeys the rationality which fixes them as a part of the whole. Each specific media situated on a line of continuity, actually reflects a different state of productive forces, a different state of the movement of capital, and consequently, of the maturation of the monopolization process. J-eSS, both the transmitters and the receivers. Monopoly capitalism tends to level out these discrepancies, these imbalances, and attempts to breach the gaps and to reinforce the interaction between all of the system's compartments, to accelerate, as m 66 MATIELART · l Introduction It is therefore necessary to define this tightening -reinforced by the crisis of the capitalist economyin general terms.

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