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By Peter C. Morris, James H. Bryce

(Woodhead Publishing restricted) Discusses genetic amendment in cereal biotechnology, explaining the root for present rules and techniques for assessing dangers. additionally addresses particular functions for cereal biotechnology from using molecular organic instruments cereal construction equipment.

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38. JENSEN, L G, OLSEN, O, KOPS, O, WOLF, N, THOMSEN, K K and VON WETTSTEIN, D, Transgenic barley expressing a protein-engineerd, thermostable (1,31,4)- -glucanase during germination. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 1996 93(4) 3487–91. 39. MANNONEN, L, RITALA, A, NUUTILA, A M, KURTE´ N, U, ASPEGREN, K, TEERI, T H, AIKASALO, R, TAMMISOLA, J and KAUPPINEN, V, Thermotolerant fungal glucanase in malting barley. 26th European Brewing Convention Congress, Maastricht, Netherlands, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1997.

The protoplasts start out round but become quickly misformed in the PEG and calcium solution. It could take up to 24 hours after the removal of the PEG and calcium for them to become round and healthy again. The protoplasts will then regenerate their cell wall and start to divide. 2 Biolistics The delivery of DNA to plant cells by means of biolistic methods has allowed the use of whole tissues as targets for transformation and therefore the first successful transformation procedures for wheat and barley.

The promoter basically determines in which cells the introduced gene is expressed. As discussed above, the selectable marker should preferably be expressed in every cell to facilitate selection for transformed cells. Expression of the gene of interest may be required to be limited to a certain tissue such as the aleurone and endosperm. Promoters have been isolated that confer tissue-specific expression. 1 Constitutive promoters The most commonly used constitutive promoters in wheat and barley transformation to drive either the selectable marker or a reporter gene are:36 • the 35S promoter from the Cauliflower mosaic virus (35S) • the Actin 1 promoter from rice (Act1) • the Ubiquitin 1 promoter from maize (Ubi1).

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