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By C.D. Shelton

All carbohydrates give you the physique with the gasoline wanted for actual job, yet now not all carbs are equivalent. study why reliable carbs made of entire grains are more fit than undesirable carbs equivalent to enriched white flour.

This brief book takes a glance at uncomplicated and intricate carbohydrates, man made sweetners, the function of sugars, and the way to reduce sugar cravings in a simple to appreciate demeanour.

Knowing which carbs are stable and undesirable may also help you lead a more fit existence and doubtless assist you steer clear of illnesses equivalent to diabetes. Your outlook on "Carbs" seriously is not a similar.

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Candies, cookies, ice cream and pastries contain the carbs that should be avoided. Healthier foods, higher in carbohydrates, include those that have complex Carbs and fiber (whole grains, fruits and vegetables). Complex Carbohydrates Complex carbohydrates are the “Good Guys”. They include complex carbohydrates, sugars and starches that may also contain dietary fiber. Starches and complex sugars must be broken down (digestion) before they enter the blood stream by absorption. This process dramatically slows down availability of glucose to the blood stream.

Beverages: *A 16-ounce latte with whole milk has 265 calories. *A 20-ounce bottle of non-diet soda has 227 calories. *A 16-ounce glass of sweetened ice tea has 180 calories. *A 16-ounce Cran-Apple juice has 320 calories. *A 16-ounce Hawaiian punch has 240 calories. *A 16-ounce sports drink has 140 calories. *A 12-ounce serving of orange juice has 170 calories. Coffee Drinks All of the coffee drinks below are 16-ounces. If you add syrup or whipped cream or half-and-half this will add large increments of calories (100+ calories) to your consumption: *A flavored Frappuccino has more than 250 calories.

The foods we eat can increase or decrease the effects of leptin and ghrelin. For example fructose, found in high fructose corn syrup and found in most soft drinks can cause your sensors in the hypothalamus to not respond to leptin. That’s because many of these processed foods we see in our diet today are “imposter” foods and the body does not recognize them as real food. So leptin is not produced to slow down the appetite. The answer is simple, EAT REAL FOODS! Foods like nuts, vegetables, whole grains, and lean animal protein.

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