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By Philip Grierson

This publication covers stages of the coinage, gold, silver, and copper coinage, varieties and inscriptions, and ruler representations. Tables of values corresponding with a variety of occasions within the empire's background, an inventory of Byzantine emperors, and a word list also are supplied.

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The loros evolved into an elaborate jeweled scarf and eventually into a robe with a long train that was brought around the right side of the body and hung down over the emperor’s extended left forearm (Fig. 9; rear cover). It was worn by the emperor during the religious ceremonies of Easter Sunday, for the long scarf wrapped around the emperor like a winding sheet was thought to associate him with the dead and resurrected Christ. 51 Isaac I (1057–59). 37 g. The obverse has a seated figure of Christ.

The obverse has a seated figure of Christ. Imperial insignia included the globus cruciger, an orb surmounted by a cross signifying the heavenly basis of imperial rule, and the mappa, a handkerchief used to signal the start of the games. The latter was originally a consular emblem but in time was amalgamated with a scroll, becoming a small cylindrical object with jeweled ends known as an akakia (Fig. 56). Another consular 28 52 Tiberius II. 18 g. The reverse has a mark of value and a date, year 5.

In view of the major role played by religion in Byzantine life, one would expect pagan types to have been quickly replaced by Christian ones after the conversion of Constantine I. This was not the case, since Christian iconography was slow to assert itself in the fourth century and emperors had to take account of public opinion, and particularly of the sentiments of the army, which was probably much less Christian than our written sources suggest. It is true that Christian symbols such as the Christogram and the cross already figure on coins of the fourth century, but they normally do so in a subordinate capacity.

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