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By Christian Pommerenke

We learn the boundary behaviour of a conformal map of the unit disk onto an arbitrary easily hooked up aircraft area. A crucial objective of the speculation is to acquire a one-to-one correspondence among analytic homes of the functionality and geometrie homes of the area. within the classical purposes of conformal mapping, the area is bounded by way of a piecewise soft curve. in lots of fresh purposes although, the area has a really undesirable boundary. it might probably have nowhere a tangent as is the case for Julia units. Then the conformal map has many unforeseen homes, for example just about all the boundary is mapped onto virtually not anything and vice versa. The ebook is intended for 2 teams of clients. (1) Graduate scholars and others who, at a variety of degrees, are looking to find out about conformal mapping. so much sections include workouts to check the comprehend­ ing. they generally tend to be relatively uncomplicated and just a couple of include new fabric. Pre­ specifications are common genuine and intricate analyis together with the fundamental proof approximately conformal mapping (e.g. AhI66a). (2) Non-experts who are looking to get an idea of a specific point of confor­ mal mapping to be able to locate whatever invaluable for his or her paintings. such a lot chapters for that reason commence with an outline that states a few key effects heading off tech­ nicalities. The booklet isn't really intended as an exhaustive survey of conformal mapping. a number of vital points needed to be passed over, e.g. numerical tools (see e.g.

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