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By Ann M. Dvorak

Basophils and mast cells are comparable yet distinctive secretory cells with a well-documented position in immediate-hypersensitivity reactions. The presence of those cells in a variety of telephone­ mediated allergy reactions, in tissues of a number of ailments, and as an element of the host response to harm and service in several situations is widely known. free up of saved and newly generated mediators of irritation from basophils and mast cells contributes to the cascade of pathogenetic occasions in situations lower than which those unlock reactions take place. regardless of insights received via stories of those pathologic occasions, the position of basophils and mast cells and their secretory items in well-being isn't identified. during this booklet, I evaluation a lot of the structural information about basophils and mast cells of a number of species. Ultrastructural experiences of rat mast cells traditionally precede and quantitatively exceed related stories of basophils and mast cells of different species. consequently, I first assessment those historical past reports as an entity. Then I speak about the contents of 2 popular organelles-granules and lipid bodies-in basophils and mast cells of numerous species. The ultrastructural morphology of basophils and mast cells in 3 species is gifted intimately to set up applicable guidance for his or her acceptance and to supply normal ideas for research that are acceptable for the identity of those cells in different species as well.

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Peroxidase activity has been found in human and guinea pig basophil granules (Ackerman and Clark, 1971; A. M. M. , 1972a, 1980b, 1985c,d; Dvorak and Dvorak, 1975; Nichols and Bainton, 1973). Although initially this FIGURE 13. Guinea pig basophil extruding membrane-free granules from an open degranulation sac in the cytoplasm, 12 hr after exposure to a degranulation stimulus. Silver grains represent [3 H]DFP associated with granules and with plasma and degranulation sac membranes (arrows). 6 fLrn .

O 0 • .. ' : .. •' I ,• •. • : 0 ·. •o• . • • I' ' '' . '••..... · •. ·•... ..... \ ... ,. • :a ... ... ... •' ' '' FIGURE 27. Rat peritoneal mast cell, fixed for 7 s by a microwave-assisted aldehyde fixation method and then prepared for the immunogold localization of chymase. Numerous gold particles are present over the granules. Cytoplasm and mitochondria (M) are not labeled. m. From Login eta/. (1987) with permission. Contents of Granules and Lipid Bodies 51 FIGURE 28. Cloned, mouse fetal liver immature mast cells showing a prominent ANAE ectoenzyme; immature granules are negative for ANAE (arrows).

1980e, 1981d; Lichtenstein, 1968) basophils. Cell disruption studies have revealed that a majority of histamine present in human basophils is localized to the granule fraction following differential centrifugation (Pruzansky and Patterson, 1967). Basophils exhibit metachromatic staining of their granules at low pH with basic dyes such as toluidine blue, indicating the presence of glycosaminoglycans (GAG) (Ackerman, FIGURE 5. Purified guinea pig basophil granules. A few contaminating eosinophil granules are present (arrows).

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