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By Alexander Sulakvelidze, Elizabeth Kutter

According to the emergence of pathogenic micro organism that can not be handled with present antibiotics, many researchers are revisiting using bacteriophages, or phages, to struggle multidrug-resistant micro organism. Bacteriophages: Biology and purposes presents unheard of, complete details on bacteriophages and their functions, resembling phage treatment. It deals thoughts, media, and technique serious about separating and dealing with healing phages. pictures, line drawings, and electron micrographs of phages also are incorporated. With its extensive procedure, this e-book is an invaluable reference for microbiologists, hematologists, and infectious illness researchers.

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The three main families are defined by their very distinct tail morphologies: 60% of the characterized phages are Siphoviridae, with long, flexible tails; 25% are Myoviridae, with double-layered, contractile tails; and 15% are Podoviridae, with short, stubby, tails. The latter may have some key infection proteins enclosed inside the head that can form a sort of extensible tail upon contact 1 It is well to keep in mind that the concept of species for asexual organisms such as bacteria is quite different from the concept of a sexual species, which can generally be defined as the group of individuals that share a common gene pool.

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They are the most abundant living entities on earth, found in very large numbers wherever their hosts live—in sewage and feces, in the soil, in deep thermal vents, and in natural bodies of water, as discussed in Chapter 5. Their high level of specificity, long-term survivability, and ability to reproduce rapidly in appropriate hosts contribute to their maintainance of a dynamic balance among the wide variety of bacterial species in any natural ecosystem. When no appropriate hosts are present, many phages can maintain their ability to infect for decades, unless damaged by external agents.

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