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By Clifford Smith

A necessary source on blood and bone marrow mobile morphology in laboratory animal medication. This totally revised re-creation is a necessary reference for medical pathologists in diagnostic laboratories, and clinical or veterinary examine. The atlas comprises over four hundred colour pictures of cells from the peripheral blood and bone marrow from numerous animals encountered in laboratory animal medication, in health and wellbeing and ailment.

Key features:

  • New bankruptcy on movement cytometry and its software by way of regimen analyses as a method of opting for abnormalities in cellphone marker expression, that is of specific relevance for pre-clinical protection assessment
  • Covers the newest advancements in laboratory animal hematology, together with parameters measured through the newest iteration of analyzers
  • Coverage of a variety of laboratory animal species, in addition to these utilized in scientific veterinary trials
  • Photomicrographs current general and irregular blood cells from quite a few hematological stipulations in addition to descriptive text

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Sample text

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98 Rat: peripheral blood. Lymphoma; neutrophil with platelet satellitism (×1000). 101 Rat: peripheral blood. Lymphocyte with platelet satellitism (×1000). 99 Rat: peripheral blood. Neutrophils with platelet satellitism (×1000). 102 Rat: peripheral blood. Lymphoblasts (×1000). 100 Rat: peripheral blood. Lymphocyte and neutrophil with platelet satellitism (×1000). 103 Rat: peripheral blood. Lymphoma. Thin end of a smear (×1000). 104 Rat: peripheral blood. 107 Rat: buffy coat. Lymphoblastic picture.

93 Rat: peripheral blood. Extreme polychromasia and anisocytosis with many pyknotic nucleated red cells (×500). 95 Rat: bone marrow. Normoblasts and mitotic cell. Note the excessive cell debris believed to be of myeloid origin (×1000). 96 Rat: peripheral blood. Lymphoblasts (×1000). 94 Rat: bone marrow. Normoblast proliferation. Key: PN, pronormoblast; IN, intermediate normoblast; LN, late normoblast; MM, myelocyte; L, lymphocyte (×1000). 97 Rat: peripheral blood. Lymphoma (×500). 98 Rat: peripheral blood.

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