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By L. Heilmeyer, H. Begemann, Helmut Löffler, Johann Rastetter, Torsten Haferlach

This sixth version of the atlas has built-in the 2001 WHO type and made use of figures and outlines to rfile lately defined sorts of leukemia and lymphoma. The latter contain leukemias of dendritic cells, infrequent lymphomas and chronic polyclonal B lymphocytosis, which takes a distinct position within the classification.

The quantity covers the entire microscopic equipment in hematology that shape the root of analysis in addition to the result of glossy immunologic, cytogenetic and molecular-genetic research. exact emphasis is put on the cytogenetic and molecular-genetic characterization of organic entities that would shape the foundation for cutting edge therapies.

Normal effects and pathological findings are in comparison, and a few of the findings made in the course of remedy are depicted. All in all of the Atlas of medical Hematology represents an entire and invaluable reference paintings which can be found in each hematologic and oncologic division in addition to in medical laboratories for on-line diagnostics and medical research.

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16 a – f) 63 Lymphocytes and Plasma Cells (Fig. 8 Disturbances of Erythropoiesis 80 Hypochromic Anemias (Fig. 6 Chronic Myeloproliferative Disorders (CMPD) 134 Myeloid Leukemia and Transient Abnormal Myelopoiesis (TAM) of Down Syndrome (DS) 140 Special Variants of Megakaryocyte Proliferation 140 Familial Erythrocytosis (Fig. 2 Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) (Fig. 11 101 265 Neoplasias of Tissue Mast Cells (Malignant Mastocytoses) 286 IV 28 Chapter IV · Blood and Bone Marrow 4. 1 Cells of Erythropoiesis (Fig.

Mitoses of eosinophils are also occasionally found in bone marrow. All eosinophils are peroxidase-positive. Basophilic granulocytes (Fig. 8 g) also have a developmental pathway similar to neutrophils. Typically they contain large basophilic granules that obscure the cytoplasm and even cover the nucleus. In segmented basophils the nucleus consists of multiple lobes and often presents a cloverleaf shape. The cells tend to be somewhat smaller than neutrophils and eosinophils. They are usually peroxidase-negative when standard technique is used.

The various cell lines of hematopoiesis III 26 Chapter III · Overview of Cells in the Blood, Bone Marrow, and Lymph Nodes Fig. 2. CD 34 – positive stem cells III Fig. 3. 8 Light Microscopic Morphology and Cytochemistry 28 Cells of Erythropoiesis (Fig. 4 a – f) 28 Granulocytopoiesis and Mast Cells (Tissue Basophils) 38 Degenerate Forms, Toxic Changes and Artifacts (Fig. 9 a – d) 44 Congenital Anomalies of Granulocytopoiesis (Fig. 10 a – f) 46 Cells of the Monocyte-Macrophage System (Fig. 13 a – h) 54 Megakaryocytes (Fig.

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