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Traditionally, terrorist bands working in rural or city components use vio­ lence to forged themselves as a valid political strength. Necklacing, plac­ ing an oil-soaked tire round the neck of an informer after which igniting it, and knee-capping, positioning a handgun in the back of the kneecap of a "tout" (a police informer) after which squeezing the set off, are one of the enforcement tools utilized by clandestine teams to manage "revo­ lutionary justice." Necklacing is utilized by the African nationwide Con­ gress (A.N.C.). Knee-capping is a conventional Irish Republican military (I. R. A.) tactic. Governments often lend credibility to the terrorists' declare of legitimacy through now not enforcing measures meant to extirpate them. usually, democratic societies worry that inflexible keep watch over measures pose a hazard to civil liberties. Reluctant to maneuver, a democracy is frequently ham­ strung by way of terrorists bent on manipulating its values. A media crusade, meant to mobilize public opinion opposed to the terrorists and garner mass help for the govt. and its keep watch over measures, is the linchpin of any antiterrorist crusade. Centralized intelligence-gathering is one other crucial part. Terrorism, while it turns into a standard crusade of bombings and different atrocities, is not any longer an issue for simply the police and the military. the complete society is affected. for instance, all teams comprising the multi ethnic popu- vii viii PREFACE tion of Sri Lanka and South Africa are almost immediately uncovered to the phobia­ ist threat.

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He then drove to a restaurant in Essington, a Philadelphia suburb, and met a Libyan student from the University of Pennsylvania. At the restaurant, the suitcase containing the guns was transferred to the car belonging to the student from the University. A search warrant was issued, authorizing the F. B. I. STATE-DIRECTED TERRORIST SQUADS 29 agents to look for assassination lists and links between the students and the Libyan government. " The magistrate waived a hearing and agreed to extradition to New York to have one of the Libyans face charges of buying three pistols equipped with silencers.

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