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By Penelope M. Jenkin

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112 SECRETORY CELLS FROM THE NERVOUS SYSTEM 23 The epistellar body is of interest, not only because the term neurosecretory was first used in this country to describe its cells, but also because it provided some of the earliest evidence for the conversion of neurons into secreting cells in an invertebrate (Young, 1936). The corresponding nerve cells in the stellate ganglia of decapod cephalopods still retain the form of neurons, but have their axons fused to form giant fibres to the mantle muscles.

312). It is therefore understandable that the neural lobe, where these hormones can be quickly released into the blood, should be best developed in terrestrial animals (Harris, 1955). The correlation has been confirmed by the observa­ tion that natural thirst, or an equivalent state caused by injecting rats with saline, is followed by depletion of the secretory granules within a few minutes, to be slowly replaced in a day or so after giving the animals water to drink. Depletion of secretory granules in fish has been observed in response to immersion in hypertonic sea water, which would have the same effect as desiccation (Arvy, 1957).

2-1. ) on muscle fibres (m). ) from ganglionic-X-organ of crab, S esarma (after Enami, 1951). (d) cell with shorter axon, from epistellar body of Eledone (after Young, 1936). ) but no histological characters of neurons (drawn to lower scale) : (e) cells from corpus cardiacum of beetle, Hydrous (cf. Fig. ) (after Maximow and Bloom, 1942). The differences in quantity of secretion are not characteristic of these cells, but indicate different phases of secretion (cf. Fig. 2-2). 3 μ in diameter, and mitochondria (Mit) that are larger (from Bargmann, 1958).

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