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Fold a crease between the ends of the slits. Fold the paper forwards and backwards along the same line. 5. At this stage the pop-up will look like this. 6. Again close the pop-up and make two more slits. Fold a crease between the ends of the slits. 7. On carefully opening the model you will find a multi-step ladder. 44 BALANCING NAILS Can you balance a dozen nails on the head of one nail! Sounds impossible! But it can be very easily done. 1. Get a dozen 10-cm long nails. Arrange them..... 3. The last nail is put exactly in line with the first nail.

Open the square and fold two creases in the directions shown... 15. On opening you will find a grid of equilateral triangles. Fold the two lines as shown. 14. Fold it again in half. 17. On opening you will see the square divided into equilateral triangles. to get this shape. 16. To get a rectangular shape. 18. As there are too many triangles, fold a few creases on top and the sides to reduce their numbers. 19. Finally assemble a self-locked Tetrahedron, without using any glue or scissors! 54 SYMMETRY The concept of symmetry can be understood concretely by folding paper, cutting shapes and opening them.

Ask your friends to locate the fish. It will be very difficult to locate the camouflaged fish. MINUTE MEASUREMENTS 1. How would you measure the distance between two teeth of a comb. One way is to measure the length of the comb, and divide it by the number of teeth. This will give a fairly accurate answer. 2. How to find the thickness of one sheet of paper? Measure the thickness of the whole book (minus the cardboard covers) and divide it by the number of pages. This will give the thickness of one sheet of paper.

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