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By L. Beranek

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Impact energy absorption This quantity, often incorrectly called “impact resistance” or “impact strength”, is measured in terms of work required to break a standard specimen; the SI unit is joule. org/about-asme/terms-of-use Editorial guide Introduction The metric system is the international language of measurement. Its symbols are identical in all languages. Just as the English language is governed by rules of spelling, punctuation and pronunciation, so is the language of measurement. Uniformity of usage facilitates comprehension and leads to clarity in communications.

Use the word “per” and not a solidus: Examples: meter per second, not meter/second 3. Powers. Use the modifier “squared” or “cubed” placed after the unit name: Examples: meter per second squared In case of area or volume, a modifier may be placed before the unit name: Examples: square millimeters, cubic meter, watt per square meter 4. Symbols. To avoid ambiguity in complicated expressions, unit symbols are preferred over unit names. Unit symbols The symbol for a compound unit that is the product of two or more units is indicated by either a raised dot, which is preferred, or by a space; thus, for newton meter Examples: N•m or N m For limited character sets where the raised dot is not possible, use a space.

In expressing area and volume, the prefixes hecto, deka, deci and centi may be required; for example, cubic decimeter, square hectometer, cubic centimeter. 2. In tables of values of the same quantity, or in a discussion of such values within a given context, it is preferable to use the same unit multiple throughout. 3. For certain quantities in particular applications, one particular multiple or submultiple is often used. 1 mm to 1000 mm; the centimeter is usually used for body measurements and clothing sizes.

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