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By Joanna Radwanska-Williams

The final concept of language of Mikołaj Kruszweski (1851-1887) is, this ebook argues, a “lost paradigm” within the heritage of linguistics. the concept that of 'paradigm' is known in a largely construed Kuhnian feel, and its applicability to linguistics as a technology is tested. it truly is argued that Kruszewski's idea used to be a covert paradigm in that his significant paintings, Ocerk nauki o jazyke ('An define of the technological know-how of Language', 1883), had the capability to be seminal within the historical past of linguistics, i.e. to accomplish the prestige of a 'classical text', or 'exemplar'. This power used to be no longer discovered simply because Kruszewski's impact used to be hindered via numerous old components, together with his early loss of life and the simultaneous consolidation of the Neogrammarian paradigm, with its emphasis on phonology and language swap. The ebook examines the highbrow history of Kruszweski's inspiration, which used to be rooted, partially, within the culture of British empiricism. It additionally discusses Kruszewski's courting to his instructor Jean Baudouin de Courtenay (1845-1929), his perspective in the direction of the Neogrammarian flow in linguistics, the ambivalent reception of his idea through his contemporaries, and the impact of his paintings at the linguistic thought of Roman Jakobson (1896-1982).

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68), but the sound form itself is external (an implicit reference to the Humboldtian conception of''äussere Sprachform), and as nonessential can be replaced by something else. 79). 68), and 4) language as social and as individual. These distinctions are stated, either explicitly (2 and 3) or implicitly (1 and 4), rather than mapped out in full; this may show, again, the reluctance on Baudouin's part to follow through on all the implications of epistemological questions. In charting out the division of the subject matter of linguistics, on the other hand, Baudouin leaves no stone unturned.

While for John Stuart Mill the associationist account of the mind had been the foundation for the study of society, after Darwin society came to be perceived in evolutionary terms. As one historian of associationist psychology points out, this was a change from the direction which John Stuart Mill had envisaged: "the work of the [British] association school remained incomplete when the movement came to an end" (Warren 1921:175). The evolutionary model changed the view of the development of society.

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