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Gardening professional Jack Staub maintains his stimulating sequence on distinct additions in your backyard with seventy five unheard of Herbs to your backyard.

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Image 11) Image 11: CHAMOMILE (GERMAN) Just to confound matters further, the “chamomiles,” while being profoundly different in chemical components, were almost identically employed herbally, having been used as “strewing” herbs, sleep aids, treatments for fevers, colds, and stomach ailments, complaints “of the mother,” and as anti-inflammatories, as well as externally as a compress for sciatica, gout, lumbago, rheumatism, and skin ailments. Chamomile was so venerated in ancient Egypt that it was employed as a cure-all for the “ague” and dedicated to the sun god Ra.

Occasionally in this book, I will stop to laud a plant but advise you to seek the herb (for instance, saffron) or the rendered oil at your local market or health-food store, as, while the plant itself may be comely in the garden, the processing of its herbal product is best left to someone else. On other occasions, I will counsel you to eschew planting the herb in question, as it is probably available in near weedy ubiquity in your local wild, and to seek it out there for its beneficial herbal applications.

Parsley (Curly-leaved) 55. Peppermint 57. Purslane (Golden) 58. Rampion 59. Rocket (Arugula) 60. Rosemary 61. Rue 62. Saffron 63. Sage (Golden) 65. Shiso (Purple) 66. Soapwort 67. Savory (Summer) 69. Stevia 70. Tarragon (French) 71. Thyme (Garden) 73. ” —Ovid, Metamorphoses, Lib. XV This has been a fascinating journey for me. Although I have probably cultured at least half of the herbs I offer to you in this volume, and have surely sought the comforting warmth of chamomile or lemon balm tea on a blustery day, chewed a sprig of parsley for refreshment, and noted the dynamic nutritive value of dandelions and such, my herbal acquaintance has mainly been in a culinary vein and, therefore, my medicinal knowledge sadly lacking.

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